Tuesday, October 5, 2010

About the Book

The synopsis as it appears on the back cover of Consider Us Even.

What would you do if you were in desperate need of money with no way out, except an anonymous letter dealing a tip-off about likely stock market movement?
For an enterprising MBA student in Shimla, the letter implies capital for starting his own restaurant. An erstwhile business tycoon in Allahabad takes it as the means to recapture his usurped company from his traitorous son. For an indebted widow in Indore, the letter paves a way out of her financial quagmire. As for an affluent Seth of Lucknow, the piece of paper signifies yet another way of stuffing his already deep pockets. To Kabir Majumdar, the man behind the anonymous tip, the only thing of consequence is his selfish, ruthless agenda…
From a swarming hospital in Mumbai to a secluded travel agency, from a ritzy lounge in Bangalore to a ramshackle inn in the suburbs of Pune, the journey becomes charged with adventure and intrigue as a challenging pursuit culminates in a perilous rendezvous.
Will Kabir Majumdar succeed in his final manoeuvre? Or will his past catch up with him?

This is the plot of the story. If it piques your interest, scroll down to read the Prologue and the first chapter. 

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