Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Buy the Book

Consider Us Even is available at the following bookstores across the country (arranged alphabetically):

A.A. Husain & Co. (Hyderabad)
Abhang Stores (Pune)
Akshar Bhandar (Pune)
Akshara Book Shop (Hyderabad)
Atma Ram & Sons (Chandigarh)
Avani Book House (Bhopal)
Axis Books (Bangalore)
Book Plaza (Ahmedabad)
Capital Book Depot (Chandigarh)
Chandna Book House (Bhopal)
Cosmos Book House (Kolkata)
Eswar Books (Chennai)
Famous Book Store (New Delhi)
Gangaram's Book Bureau (Bangalore)
Hallmark Image Gallery (Pune)
Jawahar Vidyalaya (Goregaon)
Landmark Limited (Baroda)
Landmark Limited (Gurgaon)
Landmark Limited (Hyderabad)
Landmark Limited (Infiniti Mall, Mumbai)
Landmark Limited (East End Mall, Lucknow)
Landmark Limited (Phoenix, Mumbai)
Landmark Limited (S.G.S. Mall, Pune)
Landmark Limited (Vashi, Mumbai)
Landmark Limited (Banjara Hills, Hyderabad)
Landmark Limited (Ahmedabad)
Neelkamal Book Links (Hyderabad)
New Midland Book Shop (Gurgaon)
Paramount Book Store (New Delhi)
Pocket Book Centre (Surat)
Pragati Book Centre (Pune)
Puliani Book House (Bangalore)
Raj Cyber Cafe (Pune)
Reading Tree Book Shop (Ahmedabad)
Sairam Book Paradise (Bangalore)
Sapna Book House (Bangalore)
Shivtej Book Depot (Pune)
Sri Vidya Book Centre (Chennai)
Standard Book Company (New Delhi)
Suyog Enterprises (Pune)
The Book House (Bhopal)
The Book Points (I) Pvt Ltd (Chennai)
The Browser Book Store & Library (Chandigarh)
Varma Book Centre (Pune)
Wordsworth (New Delhi)

It is also available online through the following secure vendors:






If you know me personally, drop me a mail and place your order directly with me to avail special discount and free shipping.

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